Municipal Works Construction Service Introduction
一、Qualification and Grading
    To possess first grade qualification of general contract for municipal works engineering.
二、Construction Capability
   To be able to undertake the construction of various municipal works with contract value below 5 times of enterprise registered capital.
三、Representative Project
    Weifang biggest bridge—Shengli Bridge; Weifang Yaxing Bridge; Weifang Dongfeng Street Comprehensive Improvement Project; Weifang Beigong Street Renovation Project; Bailang River Musical Fountain Square; Weifang Wastewater Treatment Plant; Weifang Water Works Meicun Water Supply Plant, etc.
                              Weifang Bailang River Musical Fountain Square
                Weifang Shengli Bridge                                             Weifang Yaxing Bridge
 Weifang Dongfeng Street Comprehensive Improvement Project     Weifang Beigong Street Comprehensive Renovation Project
            Weifang Beigong Bridge                                      Weifang Wastewater Treatment Plant 
                Weifang Yuhe River Bridge                             Weifang People’s Square Fountain